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LG Electronics is a global leader in home appliance & air conditioner manufacturing with sales around the world and an overwhelming number of awards for technological superiority and market leadership. LG has advanced to the next level by creating a new standard for perfection, redefining what a Smart Life can be by continuing to develop cutting edge Smart Appliances and developing Natural User Interfaces for its products.

LG TVs provide the best picture quality, having revolutionized television technology. With all new models including the C7 (2018), you get a viewing experience like never before. LG provides customers with the latest technology with innovative products that fit into your lifestyle.

LG Electronics The Best Prices

LG range of TVs are 4K Ultra HD and OLED with the unique and unbeatable Magic Motion Remote. Simply, it's the easiest way to buy your LG TV. If you're planning to get a new TV, buy it direct from LG's authorized dealers across the country. This ensures that you get the best prices on LG TVs, support and extended warranty.

LG Turkey is committed to providing the best price products to their customers

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